Who’s that News Girl?


It all started in Mrs. Padgett’s journalism class back at Oceanside High School. I had to recap a Miami Heat/New York Knicks game. I really knew nothing about sports, but I knew what a metaphor was. The Heat were, uh, on fire and I took that analogy and dribbled with it. (No traveling yet, though. That’s later.)

Then came four years at the Newhouse School for Communications in Syracuse where I studied magazine journalsim. I interned at SPIN magazine in the summers, and upon graduating hit the road with a backpack and five journals. That’s when I got the bug. I hit up Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Bali, Malaysia and Thailand. These were not the days of WordPress, Instagram and Twitter, and so in order to make my way as a proper journo, I had to come home and earn some cred.

I started at Bob Guccione Jr.’s once-awesome, now-defunct men’s magazine Gear (best known for publishing nearly-nude pics of JT’s wife Jessica Biel), followed by a few years in digital at Alloy Media + Marketing who made their mark years later with the success of Gossip Girl. I was intent on landing back in print (despite everyone going the other way) and sorta managed it with a gig as editorial director of Web at Seventeen magazine. Finally, a print opportunity presented itself at the New York Post and I was hired as deputy Sunday features editor where I assigned and edited everything under the pop culture, lifestyle and entertainment umbrella. (And yes, also helped come up with those headlines.) Some four years in, I was also made executive editor of Page Six Magazine when the once-weekly glossy published three times a year.

Over the years, I made full use of my annual two weeks of vacation, traveling to Costa Rica, Spain, Argentina, Guatemala, Greece, Turkey, Mexico, Italy and beyond. Having skipped the study abroad thing in college, I wanted to live in another city for a longer period of time, hence my interest in the job exchange to London, which you can learn about here and here.

As a whole, the experience reHEATed (d’oh!) my love for writing and traveling, and now, after many years as an editor who fiddled with other people’s words, I’m concentrating on my own as a full-time freelance writer who contributes to publications such as the New York Times, Hemispheres, Travel & Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler, WSJ MagazineArchitectural Digest and more. You can find some of my clips here. When I’m not taking advantage of my unlimited “vacation” days for work purposes, I’m in my office, aka my 6th floor apartment in Paris, typing away and never, ever, wasting time checking Facebook and Instagram, reorganizing my closet or re-watching Friends.

Finally, I like walking the beach on Fire Island, anything with goat cheese, Vinyasa yoga, biking the West Side Highway, Mumford & Sons, and macchiatos. What? This isn’t Tinder? Nevermind then.

Contact: me@saralieberman.com

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