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Back in 2009, I found out that the New York Post, where I’d been working as an editor since 2006, had an exchange program in which they’d send you overseas for a few months to learn more tricks of the journalism trade at one of their international publications. Being the globetrotting dreamer that I am, I lobbied incessantly to make it happen by digitizing a pre-historic application, filling it out and submitting it twice, and politely nudging not one, but three managers until I finally got an “Alright Already!” (Or, what I’d like to think of an as A++ on my yearly review.) Once my manager established the proper placement, emails were sent, calls were made and off I went….

Not so fast.

First they had to find a suitable replacement. Enter Ellie, the British journalist who would take over my editing duties at New York’s hometown paper while I slipped in over at Britain’s most Fabulous weekly glossy in the Sun on Sunday.

As Penny Lane said in Almost Famous, “It was all happening!”

In January 2013, Ellie and I launched New Girls About Towns so we could update each other, along with our family and friends, as we navigated the streets of our adopted cities.

Flash-forward four months, and things got…interesting. After living in the theater District, falling in love with Joe’s Pizza, appreciating Skype and visiting other great American cities, Ellie returned to Fabulous as planned, while I decided to throw caution to the wind, resign from my full-time gig, profess my love for writing and hang out overseas a bit longer. I saw Brighton, hiked Snowdon, fell in love with Paris (twice), and explored Slovenia, Sweden, Croatia and even Israel.

Then I came home.

Along the way, we lost a “Girl,” but have gained more news from several different towns, including Paris where I relocated to in November 2014. I hope you’ll continue to follow me as I use this space to muse about self-discoveries while discovering the world.


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