The Move Part 3: Chez Moi

After all that, I have a new home! And this new home feels homier than the last new home, which felt homier than the new home before that. I’m not sure if it’s the multiple rooms, the couch, desk and TV I picked out myself, or all the plants. But it really feels like mine.

J’ADORE…all the light! I knew being on the 6th floor would provide lots of natural light, but I didn’t know how much and at what time of day. (A lot and mid-to-late afternoon!) Just like my last apartment in NYC, I don’t have to turn the lights on until the sun goes down and LOVE the streams of soleil that flood in the French windows later in the afternoon.

The windows in my bedroom

J’ADORE…my pink couch! I don’t really read fashion or design magazines anymore, nor do I tinkle around on Pinterest, so I really had no idea that this color had become so popular. In fact, I partly chose it because at the time, this color was on sale! I’ve never really been a “pink person,” but I had this vision of mixing it with lots of plants to give it a bit of edge. Turns out, I’m not the only one. Whether it’s *really* comfortable remains to be seen, but at least I can spread out.

My pink couch, pouf from Morocco and the rug I lugged home from IKEA.

J’ADORE…all my plants! I won’t go into the difficulty I had finding said plants to properly fit the existing pots I bought (solely because they themselves were pretty), but I really do enjoy being surrounded by such greenery and life! That said, I hope I don’t starve them to death as a result of my “les mains verts” deficiency. (In France, you have green hands, not a green thumb.)

My plant suspension wall in the living room

My decorative fireplace with the plant my father says will become a tree at some point…oops!

J’ADORE…my medicine cabinet! This is kinda silly, but my last apartment didn’t have shelves or proper storage space in the bathroom. I installed a small one myself, but it wasn’t over the sink and it was just sort of a pain to access when my contacts were out and my face was sopping wet. I’m no beauty junkie, but the mirrored vanity I have now is so spacious that the rudimentary rituals and bevy of products I do have are that much more enjoyable to put to use and store.

I painted the corner piece, the hooks and the garbage yellow. Also: more plants!

J’ADORE…my four-burner stove and oven! I no longer bump pans while frying or boiling and don’t have to bake banana bread in the toaster oven! That said, the oven itself is odd as there are only lamps on top and it makes a convection noise no matter the setting I use, but it’s managed to do the trick so far. Plus, I don’t foresee cooking a whole turkey any time soon.


Four-burner stove, oven and hanging utensils (from IKEA).

J’ADORE…all the central metro lines I’m surrounded by! Line 8 is a mere 3 minute walk. Lines 1 and 9 are about 5-8 minutes away and I’m super close to Nation, where many lines connect. Also, there are a bunch of Vélib bike stations nearby and buses 46 and 86 take me further into the 11th or across the river respectively. No more two-train commutes, baby.

J’ADORE…the staircase! Yes, it’s long, but it’s very well-maintained with hardwood floors and a shiny black bannister. I enjoy knowing what floor I’m on by the doormats at each level. Once I see the red one that reads “Home,” I know I’m on the 5th floor and nearly at my own.

Round and round and round I go to the 6eme etage!

Of course, it’s not all adoration. My bed is an issue. The mattress, thank goodness, is quite comfortable, but the platform (hand built by my landlord) requires I hoist myself in and out of it every day. That’s tolerable, but the point of all that height should be easy access to the storage underneath. Unfortunately, lifting it myself has already caused a wrist injury.

My platform bed—with the doors we removed from the living room as the headboard.

Also, the plumbing sort of sucks and I have a Sanibroyeur, aka an electric toilet, which means that when I flush, shit is literally ground up before going down the pipes and there’s a crazy loud noise as a result. I’ve also already had to call in a plumber to unclog the shower drain, which I suspect will be a recurring issue. Oh, and the walls are super thin, which means that I hear one neighbor hock a loogie and another open his very creaky closet at odd hours.

Mais c’est Paris et c’est la vie. Je suis contente. Je suis chez moi.

But, that’s Paris and that’s life. I am content. I am home.

When people ask (as they continue to do): “How long will you stay in Paris? Is this HOME???” I can only respond by saying I bought a couch and a TV and have cable and insurance bills in my name—all of which were NOT easy to get. So yes, Paris is home…for now. (Come on, you knew that was coming, didn’t you?)

Speaking of, I travel a lot, which means Chez Moi is often available to rent. Please feel free to ask about my upcoming schedule and rates!

8 thoughts on “The Move Part 3: Chez Moi

  1. I love it! I’m supposed to be back in September, but you are making me want to change my plans for summer, especially because of the all the awesome sales. Let me know rates and dates…

  2. really nice sara!!!! wish i was still the travel junkie i was i’d probably hit you up! congrats again!

  3. Love the hanging plants!! and seeing bits and pieces from Morocco 🙂

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