A day in the clouds

Well, I’ve got my own bed…at least I hope I do. I’m sorta not convinced there aren’t any creepy crawlies in the sheets I’ve just gotten into. I’ve felt itchy since I threw back the mauve and forest green paisley polyester comforter that doesn’t at all look comforting.

We’re off Highway 1 in Fort Bragg, Calif. staying in a total motel-not-hotel or a Holiday Inn called the Beach House Inn. (Don’t let the charming name fool you. It’s pretty much just a Super 8 with more super-smelling toiletries and free WiFi.)

And yes, we’re being snobs about it. In fact, Lauren is thisclose to going down to her car to get her sleeping bag.

That said, of course we’re grateful for a place to stretch out and rest our weary heads and cramped up legs. We had a big drive today, and perhaps in retrospect sharing four bottles of wine last night with friends in San Francisco before embarking on a 7-hour drive along the winding coast was not the wisest idea. Suffice to say we were tired and cranky the entire way. For the first time on this trip—and yes, I know I owe you a blog on epic Big Sur—we felt the journey and began awaiting the destination: Eugene, Oregon. Still, that didn’t stop us from continuing to utter the words: “Wow” and “So pretty!” every five minutes. It was as if we were driving in the clouds most of the time. (Apropos since our brains were there anyway in a bit of a post-Sonoma wine haze from the night before.) The views continued to be jaw-dropping and spectacular.


Now thats’ a rocky road!

Where heaven and earth meet.

Where heaven and earth meet.

Still, we’ve got a ways to go, and due to our imbibing and subsequent slothness today, we got a late start, hence us running behind schedule and scrambling to find a place to sleep lest us continue driving through more curvy roads in the dark, missing the scenic drive itself and quite possibly risking our lives by driving off a cliff into the Pacific. So after arriving in Mendocino at 5p.m, we watched the sun set, refueled at a lovely spot called The Moose Cafe, and called it quits on Day 5 just up the road here in Fort Bragg.

The alarm is set for 6a.m. and our intention is to take the 1 pretty much through the rest of California into Redwood National Park and then cut over through Grants Pass onto the 5 and up to Eugene.

‘Til then… here are a few pics from today.


“How much further?!”


Prolonging the drive with a stopover for proper hangover food—Cali-coast style.


Forget bacon-egg-and-cheese! Oysters cure all. (At least for Lauren. I stuck to chowder.)


Cool spot for fresh oysters from nearby Tomales Bay called The Marshall Store

Pretty small town Mendocino

Me in pretty Mendocino

Lauren and Teddy checking out the views in Mendocino

Lauren and Teddy checking out the views in Mendocino

Unreal sunset in Mendocino

Unreal sunset in Mendocino

One thought on “A day in the clouds

  1. At least it wasn’t truly a day in the clouds! Some days, that entire trip could be in the fog, not even seeing the views. Glad the weather is on your side, as are your spirits, you still have your humor and one another. Looking forward to reading about Big Sur, feels like I was with you all day yesterday. I got a msg this morn from Verizon saying I used up 75% of my monthly text budget, feels like a good number of them were in the clouds.

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