We be dance-walking!

Forget prancercising, this weekend my sister and I dance-walked. What is dance-walking, you ask? Honestly, we’re still trying to figure that one out, but based on what we did on Sunday, it was a bunch of (mostly) women of all ages and sizes in Lululemon gear moving while grooving around a high school track to pop tunes.

Everybody dance-walk now!

Everybody dance-walk now!

Dance-walking cuties!

Dance-walking cuties!

The event was the first annual Beat MS Dance Walk and its purpose was to support the fight against multiple sclerosis, which my sister was diagnosed with six years ago.

Since then, we’ve raised over $60,000 for the cause by participating in numerous activities from walking (ahem, strolling) across the Brooklyn bridge, to climbing 66 stories up to the Top of the Rock, to biking 50 miles around Manhattan and through the Lincoln Tunnel into Jersey. (That last one was a doozy–and I did it solo!) This was a new activity for us, and the first we’ve done together in LA since Rach moved here a year ago.

We found out about it because Rach and I are both fan-geeks of the show So You Think You Can Dance. If, like me, you at one point in your life dreamed of becoming a famous dancer and even made your mom enter you into dance competitions as an attempt, this show is a MUST-WATCH. Am obsessed. Essentially, the country’s best dancers–from tap and contemporary to ballet and ballroom–audition to compete in choreographed dances that are then judged by a panel of “experts” and then voted on by America. Eventually, America’s “favorite dancer” is crowned.

One of the top dancers from the show, the beautiful, bubbly brunette Courtney Galiano — who looks strikingly similar to Rachael, actually — was diagnosed with MS shortly after participating in the competition, and was co-chairing the event. Since I planned on coming out to LA this fall anyway, I decided to book my ticket so that we could get jiggy with it for a cause. (Also, I really really really wanted to meet Robert, my all-time favorite dancer. Also, Mark. Oh, and Alex Wong. OK, I really love them all.)

Thanks to our amazing family and friends, we raised $1,997!

To get into the dance spirit, we wore matching tutu’s, childhood-style, with semi-matching Teeki yoga pants, and our new Home T’s (holla New York!) the proceeds of which also benefit MS.


Our “look” was a big hit, and upon arriving, Courtney herself came up and asked to take a picture with us!

Rach and Courtney

Rach and Courtney

We weren’t shy about doing the same with all the SYTYCD all-stars that were there to support the cause and teach us some dance moves. From Comfort and Mark to Alex Wong, season 7 winner Lauren Froderman and Season 4/Dancing With the Stars‘ Chelsie Hightower, it was as if I’d died, done an arabesque and gone to Dance Heaven.

Me and Comfort, hip-hopper extraordinaire.

Me and Comfort, hip-hopper extraordinaire.


Rach with my boys Mark (no last named needed, left) and Alex Wong, da bomb ballet dancer.

Even Ricki Lake was there, which we only noticed after she took one look at us and said:

“I wish I wore a tutu!”

It quickly prompted a double take and several giggles.

Sadly, Robert wasn’t there because he was dancing in some big show called The Emmy’s that evening. The nerve! We did attempt to get our chance to dance with him by entering nearly all of our raffle tickets into a drawing for a private lesson.

Giving it our best shot!

Giving it our best shot!


Unfortunately, we didn’t win. Sniff.

Still, we dance-walked our butts off and had a good laugh while attempting to learn moves for a giant flash mob. I can’t seem to find the video of it online, but I’ll post it as soon as I do.

In the meantime, here’s a throwback for ya!

We Be Dancing: 1990-something, 2013.

We Be Dancing: 1980-something, 2013.

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