Great Scotch eggs!

First of all…..hellllooooooo! Sorry I’ve been MIA. I really have no excuse other than… oh wait, I said I have no excuse. Moving on!

Yesterday my mother and I tag-teamed it in the kitchen. (And by tag-team I mean I attempted to help and not destroy things while she rocked it as she always does.) Our mission? To make Scotch eggs from scratch. She LOVED them at the Spaniard’s Inn in Hampstead back snowy March and I also couldn’t get enough. (See: continually growing gut.) The plan was to prepare them for my grandma and father who I came out to Long Island to see before heading off to the West coast today to visit my sister.

Mom had two recipes: One from the Joy of Cooking, another from a magazine neither of us can remember. They were very same same, but different, and since my mom is all Ina Garten, she decided to combine them by taking a little from one, and a little from the other. This, of course, totally frightened and confounded me. When it comes to cooking, I go by the book so as not to undercook/overcook or just plain old ruin anything. But since I was with a pro, I just followed her lead. Mother knows best!



There were really only three steps.

First, we quickly answered my initial question about this seemingly quizzical treat: When and how is the egg cooked?! Well, it’s hardboiled then set aside to chill. Easy.

Then we had to make the mixture that goes around the egg. One recipe called for pre-made sausage, but it was proving difficult to mold around the delicate eggs, so we went with the other instructions to make our own from ground pork, fresh thyme, parsley, nutmeg and, er, some other herbs and spices. Then, we carefully wrapped the eggs in the mixture, thinly coated them in flour and rolled them in raw egg, followed by bread crumbs.


Gettin' gooey with it.

Gettin’ gooey with it.

Finally, it was time to cook ’em. Again, the recipes differed: One called for fully baking them, another for deep frying them. We went for deep frying first (because, let’s be honest, anything fried is good) followed by 10 minutes (and then some) in the oven.


Then, we sliced those suckers in half and placed them on a platter of fresh arugula from our yard and a big, juicy red and yellow tomato from my grandmother’s garden.

Oh! I also forgot about the Yorkshire pudding-like popovers we made. They were perfectly plump, moist…and from a Stonewall Kitchen package. (Hey, this was all done before 10a.m.!)


We had mustard and jam on the side for some extra dipping flavor, but these bad boys were pretty darn good on their own!

Still, even if we had botched them (and by “we” I mean, “me,”) it was really fun to make them with Mom and bring a little bit of London back home to where my heart will always be at Chez Lieberman.


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  1. hi there, I’ve never been brave enough to make scotch eggs – the deep frying bit has always put me off – but I think i may now be encouraged to try.

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