Pillow talk

“You know what it means if you leave something behind? That you’ll be back.”

It’s a classic Mom-ism. One of my favorites, actually, because it makes me feel better about having been so silly as to leave something somewhere. It gives meaning to my frivolity. And I like meaning. (I wonder, though. Will I be back to Ljubljana where my Kindle charger and sunglasses are?)

I do know it’ll be true for London, where my squishy feather pillow — that I carried with me from home way back in January — is now sitting on the back of a tufted leather couch in an Islington pub.

What was my pillow doing in a pub in the first place? Well, I had gone to get my bags from Clare’s yesterday morning and in the frenzy of gathering and carrying two large, clearly overweight suitcases down two flights of stairs, I left the pillow behind.

Since my good pal Hannah is just that, and lives nearby Clare’s, I asked her to grab it and bring it with her to The Albion, where some of my dearest new friends were meeting me for a send-off.

So, really, I “left” the pillow twice. In one day. Perhaps I am meant to lay my head down here more permanently after all…

One thing’s for sure: What I’ll miss the most about London aren’t the Scottish eggs or clever cabbies or TopShop or, or, or, or…

But rather the friends I made. I honestly didn’t imagine I’d befriend such beautiful, smart, kind, generous, and fun women (and a few good men, too.)

Forget the pillow. I’ll come back for them.


A few good women: (from left) Rachel, Emma, Kate, Hannah, me, Fran and Ellie. Not pictured, Victoria and Beth.

Naturally, there wasn’t enough time in the evening with Ellie, my “sister from another city.” We grasped for breaths while attempting to cover all the topics we had to discuss since embarking on this incredible experience five months ago. There’s only so much one can share via WordPress, Gmail and Skype, as incredible inventions as they may be.

But it’s OK. I know this isn’t the end of our story. After all, the papparazzi have only just begun to gather…


*Almost* Famous New Girls About Towns


Sara + Ellie: NGAT: SFAC

A HUGE thank you to those of you who found the blog and followed our adventures. Whether you’re new or old friends, family, or strangers out there in the web-o-sphere, sharing the experience has made it all the more worthwhile. Please stick around. This wide world has a lot of towns…

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  1. Thank for writing and letting us in on a little bit of your adventure.I was (is) a good read. Jordan

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