Same same, but different

I love this phrase. I first heard it in Thailand many full moon parties ago. It was their way of saying, “This is almost exactly just like the other thing, but not really.” I love its comme-ci comme-ca, neither here nor there sensibility. It’s effortless and chill, dude. Very hakuna matata. It’s my “problem-free” philosophy — especially when it comes to the construction of outfits.

See, I’m now living out of a carry-on, which could only fit so many sandals, tops and bottoms, and remaining toiletries from the ones that didn’t get tossed. And so last night, for example, I found myself (gasp!) repeating the top I wore the night before. And the night before that. But seeing as I wasn’t dining with the same person (myself notwithstanding) who really cares? What were the odds of seeing the couple who sat next to me as I ate my linguine with seafood on the first night again as I ate my asparagus soup just down the road on the second?

(Actually, they were probably relatively high. Bled is a small town and it’s shoulder season. But I digress.)

At this point, I’m more worried about how I smell and dribbling gelato or cake on myself. (There’s a lot of that here.)

Over the past few months, I’ve been careful with my spending, but have accumulated what will forever be known as my London Staples: Six or so items that have seen more action than Cara Delavigne. They’re pieces that I absolutely adore and keep me looking chic, while also feeling comfortable/warm/not-like-a-20-year-old-backpacker.


(Clockwise from top left:)

  1. Snakeskin Dr. Denim Jeanmaker “jeggings” purchased in Spitalfields
  2. Liberty scarf from, er, Liberty (Thanks Mom + Dad!)
  3. Nike sneakers from Asos
  4. Tatty Devine “Writer” necklace
  5. “Oui” necklace from Paris
  6. Bernstock Speirs veil beanie

Pretty much all of my photos feature me wearing at least one of them. By the time I’m home, they will have been worn to death and reincarnated twice over. My ability to create Made-Up Outfits has been, and will continue to be, truly tested. Especially with less to choose from.

But while over the next few weeks in particular, my ensembles may look more “same, same” featuring any or all of the above (except for the beanie), they’ll really still be different.

(And no, I will not be counting my underwear.)

They’ll be different because I am. ‘Cause at the end of these days and nights of exploration beyond borders and discoveries beyond my kookiest dreams, I am choosing to focus on looking out and into the world as opposed to what I look like to it.

Inevitably, I will come across something as lover-ly as these and the battle between vanity and humility will be ON like the Lannister’s and the Stark’s.


Inspired by Paris. Made in Italy. Sold in Slovenia. Worshipped by me.

I tried them on…

They call me hotstepper.

They call me hotstepper.

So what do you think? Same, same as all my other shoes…but different enough to be added to the Staples Collection?


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