Bathroom observations

I’ll try to resist using toilet humor here and just present two brief (sorry, couldn’t resist!) observations I’ve noticed about UK bathrooms, as we call them in the US. (Saying, “I’m going to the toilet” just feels icky to me. First, what if I wasn’t going to the toilet, but rather just to put on gloss or to wash my hands or to send a help-get-me-off-this-date-text? Second, the word toilet just conjures up all the things one might do in it and that’s just gross. Speaking of, I do rather prefer the usage of “wee” instead of “pee” as in, “I’m going for a wee.” It’s quite….here it comes…. twee! But I digress.)

Observation No. 1: Bathtubs that are also used as showers have a half-partition that really does little to, er, part the water from getting all over the bathroom floor and whatever else is nearby. This lovely example at my friend Clare’s flat is actually not too bad; only a few splashes of water trickle onto the bathmat and floor. But the one at my flat back in Wapping was a nightmare, according to guests who stayed. They used no fewer than three towels to soak up the mess. What gives? Is it a design thing? Why not use a shower curtain like we do? Or a full glass door?


Observation No. 2: They almost all have towel heaters! Now THIS is genius. Who wouldn’t want their towel to feel all warm and fuzzy after stepping out of the shower? When folding towels after doing laundry, I always wish I could just wrap myself in their soft, steamy, terry loveliness, but I’m a) not often wet when doing the wash and b) usually need a wash myself. These towel heaters are a great solution.


3 thoughts on “Bathroom observations

  1. I, too, loved the towel heaters, until one day I sort of tripped getting out of the shower onto a half wet floor (due to those not big enough glass enclosures) and fell onto the now bare, and very hot (!) towel heater! Ouch!

  2. LOL Yes, I forgot to mention that one caveat: A bare bum (and body, for that matter) nearby such hot metal is hazardous! Glad you’re OK. Those slip-in-the-shower incidents can be lethal!

  3. I love that Clare’s shower is on your blog. World’s colliding in the bathroom and around the world.

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