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So now that I’m a free agent, I’ve “moved house” as they say here, and am embarking on the second part of my NGAT adventure, which will include a bit of exploring here in London and the UK, and a few trips abroad in Europe. My plan is to return home to the US of A and the NY of C in June.

Lucky for me, home is where the cooked meals, nails salons and yoga studios are! It’s taken me just over three months to actually find a neighborhood that has all of the above and it’s here in Balham, southwest London where my friend Clare and her boyfriend Simon have so kindly welcomed me into their house.

As luck would have it, Simon is a fierce cook and has already whipped up one of the best meals I’ve had in ages.


Simon and Clare and food!


The homecooked yumminess by Chef Si

It’s funny how such simple pleasures as lamb mixed with rocket, chili and roasted potatoes can be so heartwarming. Pair that with a stellar, sweaty yoga class in the morning, followed by a manicure where they paint the tips AND massage you (for the same price!) and well, there’s no place like almost-home…

…until that travel bug takes hold and it’s time to hit the road (or sky).

And actually, that’s what I’m doing this weekend.

Sometime about a month ago I agreed to go hiking in Wales with Rachel and her friends. I’m not really much of a hiker, but Wales sounded new and different and, like John Candy and Dan Aykroyd, I like the great outdoors.

Mr. Outdoors, John Candy

Mr. Outdoors, John Candy

Everyone I told that we were hiking Snowdonia has been like, “Oh that’s a serious hike,” which makes me a bit nervous as I’m more Downward Dog than Bear Grylls. But after Arthur’s Seat last week in Edinburgh and a hot yoga class this morning, hopefully I’m nice and limber. Key word: hopefully.

On a side note: In case you’re wondering, while the swap may be over, I do plan to continue the blog for the unforeseeable future. I hope Ellie gives us a “hello!” (and maybe even more) as soon as she’s settled back into London, but you can rest assured you’ll get a mouthful from me pretty regularly. I hope you’ll stick around.

Bon weekend!

5 thoughts on “Home & away

  1. I hope you are taking notes on those recipes….when you stay here at the home in the future we expect dinner on the table at night! 😉

  2. Sara! So happy for you and all the adventures that are ahead. I hiked Mt. Snowdon on my own (probably a silly idea in retrospect…) back in 1999 when I was in London for the semester with SU. It was brilliant, as they say. You can certainly do it, just make sure you have on good footwear and bring a wooley cap for your head once you start getting into the higher elevations. So jealous, have a wonderful time!

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