Here in London, the Brits take their eggs very seriously. Not only do they NOT keep them refrigerated at the super market, but at about any resto you go to — whether it’s a casual chain like Pret or a fancy spot like Duck & Waffle — there’s usually at least some form of egg on their menu.

At Pret, you’ll find sandwiches like the “Cracking Egg Salad,” the “Classic Eggs and Ham Bloomer” and the “Free Range Eggs Bloomer,” all of which feature eggs prepared differently.

The Classic Ham & Egg Bloomer at Pret

The Classic Ham & Egg Bloomer at Pret

Then at posh breakie-spot-with-a-view Duck & Waffle, there’s their classic “Crispy Leg Confit with Fried Duck Egg.”


Duck & Eggs with a view

And let’s not forget the Scotch Egg, which I’ve had the privilege of eating several times now. I can’t get enough of its protein goodness, with a perfectly good egg slipped inside of a sausage mash-up of sorts that’s fried to crispy perfection. (How is it done?? I want to know!)

Scotch eggs at the Spaniard's Inn. Double yum.

Scotch eggs at the Spaniard’s Inn. Quadruple yum.

Finally, there’s the Canteen at work where I’m constantly overwhelmed with all the endless made-to-order egg options for breakfast: Do I want poached or fried? Scrambled or hard-boiled? Regular or Free-Range?


Lotsa eggs “laid” out for the pickin’.

I usually feel spoiled for choice and get a bit flustered, so I just go for what I know: fried.

As if this all weren’t egg-cellent enough, The Daily Mail happened to print a story today about how contrary to what some thought about eggs clogging arteries and being high in cholesterol, they are good for you after all!


An Egg a day…

I’m going for poached next time, then!

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