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A funny, unexpected thing happened at work a few weeks ago: Rachel and our A-list assistant editor Beth Neil asked me, the girl who knows next to nothing about most of the celebrities here in the UK, to interview one of those celebrities. Granted, said celeb — Misha B — is not herself an Super-Duper Celeb. Only those who keep up with and watch The X Factor UK would know her, really. Still, have Voice Memo App, Will Interview!

So I spent the better part of a day re-watching her X Factor performances on YouTube, followed by a lot of Google-ing and listening to her new album, which I genuinely liked. She’s got this poppy-reggaeton vibe that’s fresh and fun. The one “heads up” I got going in was that she divided audiences because of her “over confidence” and “standoffish” vibe on the live shows. (I have to say, I didn’t see any of that in the clips — I just saw a really talented young girl who knew she had a set of pipes and a unique outlet for which to use them. But I think it may heen a case of The British Aren’t Like That as opposed to her really being a diva.) Anyway, I went and did my thing, aka tried to just have a casual, NBD convo with her as if she were “normal.” It all resulted in this.


Behind the Scenes at the Misha B shoot


Whatever these people are doing is what my sister does at NBC!

"This email is so important, I can't even put my other shoe on yet." Alan Gittos, Fab Mag Acting Picture Editor

“This email is so important, I can’t even put my other shoe on yet.” Alan Gittos, Fab Mag Acting Picture Editor

Then, a week or so after that, Beth asked to interview another celebrity. This time, though, it was someone on my radar: American country crooner LeAnn Rimes, who in recent years had gotten a lotta flack (and I mean A LOT) from the media for breaking up hot Eddie Cibrian’s marriage to that Real Housewife. I know, I know. Leann’s “the homewrecker.” But after watching the footage of Eddie’s ex on Bravo, I have to say, this Brandi seems like a bit of a wreck herself. But I won’t get into any of that. In fact, I don’t have to. Tons of US tabloids — US Weekly included — have already spun the article into their own dramariffic web. Sigh.

Me and LeAnn

Me and LeAnn

Out of the two, I preferred talking to Misha because I went in with an objective, unbiased view of who she was and what others thought of her. Of course, I know as a journalist there’s a certain amount of homework to be done on the person so you don’t come off looking like a complete arse, but I think sometimes in this Google-Wiki world we live in, we start to rely too heavily on what’s already out there, rather than checking facts and doing our own first-hand research and reporting.

See, if only I could find the mini-casette tape from my 2004 chat with Ryan Gosling, you’d all get to hear him profess his love for short Jewish white girls from Long Island…

As if.

But I did interview Ryan Gosling! I should find that tape… 


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  1. Yes! You didn’t know I interviewed him? And Rachel McAdams! For Alloy. I am going to make it my mission to find that tape when I’m back.

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