Just one of those days

I always liked Sunday. Most people find this strange because Sunday usually means one thing: tomorrow is Monday, aka, you’ll be waking up to an alarm in the morning. But to me, Sunday allows you the chance to end one week on a bang, and set the tone for the one that follows.

Today was one of those days. Not One Of Those Days…Ugh. But One Of Those Days…Yessss.

Rather than be all writerly — hey, I’m tired, and the sounds of a Harp will go off at 8:25 tomorrow — here’s a quick hit on why today was Just One of Those Days…Yessss.

Because…when I went to my “local” coffee shop this morning, the barista remembered me. (Granted, I had been there just yesterday. But still. His smile said, “Hello, local girl.”)


Ain’t that the truth.


My “local”: White Mulberries

Because…I allowed myself to buy only ONE paper today – and I read the whole thing. Including supplements.

Because…I knew where to get the No. 100 bus even though I wasn’t near my usual stop. AND it came right away.

Because…when I got off the Tube at Chalk Farm to roam Primrose Hill (something I’d been waiting on the damn weather to do), the sun was shining, the locals were dining outside and the shops were open. (Nearly every other time I’ve gone to explore a new neighborhood, my timing has been off and all the boutiques were closed or closing.)


There’s a light at the end of winter and I found it on Primrose Hill.


Over the Hill and Far Away…there’s London Towne


Pretty Primrose

Because…when I went into the local independent book shop, the Julian Barnes book that I had just yesterday added to my list, was on display. Now it’s been upgraded from list to shelf.


Because…when I finally decided to eat something at 3:50 and walked into Lemonia (recommended by my Post editor for “its consistently delicious Greek food”), the lovely old man running the show let me stay even though they stop serving lunch at 4p.m. (He turned at least five other people away. I felt a little guilty, but only a little. Especially after having the most delicious lemon and rice soup concoction EVER.)

Lemonia from the outside.

Lemonia from the outside.

Because…when I finally found TriYoga, the studio that several people have suggested, er, trying, there happened to be a class starting in 15 minutes. I hadn’t practiced in weeks because of having visitors – both of the family and friend variety and also of the sickness variety – so this was a true gift. Not only was the studio absolutely lovely, with high vaulted ceilings and wooden beams, bright white walls and huge loft windows, plus flowers sprinkled about; but the class was one of the best I’ve had in London. And that thing the teacher did to my head, neck and shoulders during savasana? Gosh, it felt like forever.

Wishing you all..Just One of Those Weeks. X

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  1. I am still stuck on the fact that the 100 came immediately…It sounds more like MAGIC to me lololol

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