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Here in the UK they call a “redesign” a “refresh.” Am I speaking journo gibberish? Sorry. Let me explain. Essentially (my new favorite word, according to my mate Amy), it’s when a magazine undergoes a transformation: new regular features, new fonts, new design. Lots of newness. I was lucky to not only help edit, but contribute to conceptualizing the “refreshed” mag. From the new “Graph of Greatness” — inspired by EW’s Bullseye and New York mag’s Approval Matrix — to “Behind the Seams,” an offshoot of what we did at Page Six Mag, it was such an honor and treat to not only suggest ideas, but see them implemented!

What’s more, I even wrote two things for this issue: A “Postcard from Paris” travel column, and a Q&A with American country girl Leann Rimes. It all drops Sunday, but if you just. can’t. wait. here’s a sneak peek.

Fabulous headquarters at 3TMS also got into the spirit by celebrating the refresh on the 6th floor elevator bank where everyone gets off to go to the canteen at least once a day:

Fabulous gets a makeover -- and the lifts at 3TMS get one, too!

Fabulous gets a makeover — and the lifts at 3TMS get one, too!

To top it all off, the staff created a viral video to promo the refresh. We had to lip sync to a tune called “Everything Changes But You” by the ’90s boy band Take That, who’s still together, therefore now called, according to Fabulous’ celebrity guru Beth Neil, a “Man Band.”

Watch me around the 2:20 mark, pretending to know the words and playing a faux saxophone:

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