She Says: The 7 things I miss most about New York

1. Watching CBS Sunday morning and then calling my Dad to discuss. I miss having the bowtie-wearing Charles Osgood educate me on what’s going on in the world of nature/culture/politics and more. Other than that, I do not really miss TV and can count on my hands how many times I’ve turned mine on. Though, I do wish I’d see the second season of Girls. Also, isn’t Mad Men and Game of Thrones starting soon? Sigh.

What up Charles Osgood!

What up Charles Osgood!

2. My Nespresso machine. This cheap drip coffee machine I got blows and buying it everyday is too expensive.


Nespresso: I miss you Lungo time.

3. Equinox, particularly Nadia’s Inner Warrior and Violet’s Zen Combat classes. Still having a hard time getting my sweat on.


Violet “Kick-A**” Zaki


Nadia “Beautiful Dancer” Zaki

4. Joe’s Pizza. I just wanna damn slice.


The perfect snack.

5. Advil liquigels and ALL. The first is the ONLY hangover helper and the second is, well, an ALL-in-one laundry detergent, hence no need for softener.  Smells like clean.

6. Supermarket cashiers who help bag your groceries. I’m capable of actually loading them into the bags myself (though I don’t divide all that well) — it’s just that I can NEVER open the damn things! My minuscule fingertips just can’t seem to separate the plastic so I end up standing there like an idiot trying to, while the person behind me patiently waits for the Waitrose cashier — who’s just staring at me in despair — to start scanning their items.

7. Nail salons. Specifically Eve, but at this point, I’d even settle for a Bloomies or Spa Belles. My nails are a mess and I’m sick of having to research, Google-Map and compare exorbitant prices for a damn soak, file and polish.


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