She says: The 5 things I miss most about London

1. Food. I know it’s weird. There’s more food here than I know what to do with (default solution has been to eat it), but here’s the thing – junk options in NYC are uhmazing. The burger at Burger Joint is my favourite burger in the world. Joe’s Pizza is my favourite pizza in the whole world. And they’re cheap – $2.75 cheap. But good food, organically-raised, corn-fed food is the rich people’s food. Yes New York has got it, but it’s so so expensive. Great, sustainably-grown food is now the norm in London and it’s not expensive. Not as expensive as here anyway. Plus there are no Indian takeaways here. Well, there’s one, and it’s NOT THE SAME. I tried it.

2. TV. I have approximately 5 million channels here. I have cable. I have On Demand. I have it all. And there’s always a decent film on. And HBO’s got Girls, and ABC’s got Modern Family. But. But. But. They don’t have the BBC. And oh, I miss the BBC. And Channel 4 sometimes. I am so jealous of the TV that my friends Tweet about – I missed David Attenborough’s Africa, I don’t have an opinion on Derek, and, woe is me, Made in Chelsea is back on again. Plus Question Time. I miss the eccentrics from all over our little country coming in to a hot studio to voice their views. I didn’t even think I watched much TV but you don’t miss what you have until it’s gone people.


3. Shops. Since we’ve got all the decent American stores in the UK now – Anthropologie, J Crew online – I’m not getting anything out of NYC retail. Everything feels a bit Shoe Express here apart from the designer stores (anyone would think America had a live and kicking class system). Where is Whistles? Cos? Where is the middle ground that is my spiritual home? And now that & Other Stories has opened up in London, I feel particularly aggrieved.


4. Free museums.


5. Taxi drivers who know where they’re going.


4 thoughts on “She says: The 5 things I miss most about London

  1. I know exactly how you’ll be when you get back, Ellie. You’ll be saying: yeah, but in New York, I could get this and go there …… and the burgers were amazing!

  2. OK, we need to discuss this shopping situation. I need to direct you to the cool spots. Cause I’M feeling how YOU’RE feeling! I’m sick of all this same-y high street stuff. Where are the boutiques??? Go to Yamak on Bleecker, Project 159 on Seventh Ave. South, Darling on Horatio, Verve on Bleecker… all are within walking distance near She. And have you gone to Loehmann’s yet????? Hello designer discount!!!! Take your credit card and call me in the morning. 🙂 xx

  3. London cab drivers are a class apart. It takes them years learning the knowledge of every single street and alleyway in London. The examiner says ‘Take me from Shad Thames to Gloucester Terrace’. Not only does the cabbie have to speak it out loud, naming every street he goes through, he has to know which roads are closed because of traffic works. They all deserve every penny they get.

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