Skype saves lives

The first few weeks here I was, gulp, homesick. I’m a grown up gal – it was fine – I had expected to miss my boyfriend, my baby nephew, my…bed, and with a whole new day-to-day to get used to – musicals to see, editorial systems to figure out, burgers to be eaten, I was quickly distracted.

But while I’m totally NY-LON now (and eaten every patty in town), I still need my fix. My flat has basically been a hotel for the past few weeks, with a series of friends laying down their hats for a night, or 10, Mike. And they know that while I’ll wheel around town with them as soon as I’m out of the office, the mornings before work are mine: To work through the longest (Skype) To Do list. I have a boyfriend, a mum, a dad, a brother, 3 sisters, 2 brothers-in-law, a sister-in-law, a nephew, two nieces and a whole load of friends I miss. And miss more when big things happen for them: break-ups, births, break-downs.


Last Saturday, my big sister had two tiny baby girls three weeks ahead of their due date and although I haven’t Skyped Willow and Indie yet, I’ve Skyped the rest of the family about them – my little sis in Hong Kong, my brother in Wales, my parents in Cornwall. Being able to call my mum and scream ‘They’re here!’ at her down the phone, see her laugh at me and then repeat to fade with every other member of my family, made my not being there a little easier to swallow.

And at the end of a tough day, when I still don’t quite get whether that guy-off-of-Modern Family is famous enough to put into Snaps (the celeb picture section I edit), I only want to phone home.


Skype, if you’re listening, I’ll be your media representative if you like. I love you long time.

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