Slam dunk!

I went to see basketball!
The fact that when my co-worker (English translation: colleague) Kirsten invited me to go and see a Nets game, I had no idea whether that was baseball or basketball or, actually, even American football, is neither here nor there. I went to see basketball!



The Nets’ home is the gigantic Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Jay-Z has something to do with it – he co-owns the team, he designed the bar there – the extent to which he’s involved is a bit vague. Anyway, sadly he wasn’t around tonight, but poor Susan Sarandon was, and had her mug flashed up on the big screens for all to see.

I didn’t work out the rules, but it seemed more straight-forward than rugby – joy – and they have entertainment in between quarters – unicyclists, the Brooklynettes – a kickass troop of dancers – and a gang of back-flipping boys. The Champions League could do with some circus acts to ease the mid game tension.

I also LOVED the food. Hot dogs, some tasty potato cake thing, pastrami sandwiches and coke. Fight-worthy food.



This is Jay and Bey. Totally, like me, hanging at a Nets game. We’re so similar.

2 thoughts on “Slam dunk!

  1. Yessssss! Love that you went to see the basketball AND with KFC. Also, Barclay’s Center is the hotness! Well done.

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