The Made-Up Outfit

When I was young(er), getting dressed was just as big a deal as it is for me today. In fact, probably more so. I used to pick out my outfit the night before school, and play dress-up in front of my mirror for hours until I got it just right. My mom would often duck her head in and have a look, wanting so bad to give her opinion — and for me to take it. Occasionally, she’d offer up a, “Why don’t you pair that striped top with these pants and then add this scarf?” But I’d inevitably give her a Death Stare as if she had forgotten to put her contacts in. “Mom, that is SUCH a Made-Up Outfit,” I’d say. Meaning, it didn’t at all go together. I’m pretty sure I may have hurt her feelings quite a bunch, so I’d like to take this time to publicly apologize. For that, and for almost always second-guessing things she picks up for me when we shop together these days. But I bet (hope?!) it’s that much sweeter when, after trying on said suggested item, I go, “Actually, I quite like this.” Until she realizes I can’t afford it myself and she’s dug herself a hole.

But I digress, (as usual). Last night she asked me how I was getting on with all that I’d brought and if I needed anything when she and my Dad come in a few weeks. But to her surprise, I told her that I’m OK. See, I’m all about the Made-Up Outfit these days. Sure, it may be because I only brought about a quarter of my wardrobe with me to London, forcing me to think outside the confined measurements of my DVF-luggage. But I also think I’ve gotten to a place with fashion where I’m more confident to be bold; to mix and match and dress outside the lines, if you will. Plus, since I don’t like to wear the exact same ensemble twice — just a different necklace or shoe can make all the difference! — I push myself to experiment even further with the items at my disposal. Today, in fact, was a prime example. Take this look:


The ultimate Made-Up Outfit

Ordinarily, I would only pair these pants with a plain top — be it beige or even a chambray button-down tied at the waist. But I didn’t want to call too much attention to the fact that I just wore them a week or two ago, so I went for a printed blouse in the same color theme. (I realize for some people only wearing an item of clothing once every two weeks — at least for/with the same crowd — is just preposterous. But what can I say? It’s how I do.)

Some may say the look is questionable. I, myself, was unsure at first. But I felt better about changing it up, rather than wearing the same configuration I did last time I slipped into these pallazzos. And not because I thought someone would think me dirty or lazy. I myself get bored pretty easily. I can’t tell you how fun and immensely satisfying it is to pair two items you’ve had forever and never once thought of combining before. Still, I’d hate to be a Glamour Don’t and I am curious what my girl Jenny of Your Soul Style or (gasp!) The Sartorialist might think. Funnily enough, I bet this time my mom would’ve given me the Have-You-Got-Your-Contacts-In Death Stare upon first sight.

But I think she’d also be pretty proud of my creativity and resourcefulness, not to mention that it didn’t cost a thing to create. Cheap, totally Made-Up and tres chic.

6 thoughts on “The Made-Up Outfit

  1. Sarah – thanks for the shout out! This outfit is amaze….you look fantastic! I love the way you paired print on print – a tricky endeavor that you completely nailed by keeping things in a similar color family. And the accessories are a perfect outfit completer tying it all together. Shopping your closet and being creative is what it’s all about – and facilitates uniqueness and individuality which at we have an immense appreciation for. Keep up the good work and continue to be adventurous! You wear it well.

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