I’m back in Fashun

Before I worked at Fabulous magazine, I worked at Marie Claire, ES magazine and Good Housekeeping, where I worked on Features and Celebrity but occasionally wrote and edited fashion features. And at ES, I worked closely with the Fashion Director (mainly by screeching “Oh my God we’re shooting Rachel Weisz tomorrow and need to get a 10 million pound frock from Timbuktu to Manhattan overnight or the whole thing will fall apart.”)

And of course I work with fashion at Fabulous but it’s affordable fashion (that’s miraculously made to look as if it was sewed into being in an atelier and not a massive factory down the Purley Way).

So I was excited to be put onto the v high fashion bimonthly New York Post supplement, Alexa as their Contributing Editor. Their advertising is to die for, check this baby out:


The rest of the book is pretty impressive too – not least because it’s all done in-house by the same team that are churning out stories for the paper all week.

Check out one of the recent issues. (Sometimes when people aren’t looking, I stroke that Tiffany ad).







Whaddaya think?