Catch up!

If you can believe it, until tonight, Ellie and I hadn’t actually spoken ONCE since swapping. Not once. Of course, we send anywhere between 10 and 30 emails to each other on a regular basis, but we had yet to actually talk on the phone or face-to-face using some sort of technological device. After rescheduling a gazillion times (on both of our parts — though, there was that one time she totally stood me up and I felt the connection between us might be unrequited until she apologized profusely and called me her ‘sister from another city,’ which made me all warm and friend-fuzzy), the stars aligned and we finally clicked “connect.”

It was 11p.m. London time (6p.m. NYC-time) and I was sitting comfy and cozy on my couch while she called from Christopher Street. No joke, she stood outside, her head under a furry hood and her hands in gloves, as we spoke fast and furiously for an hour.

Ellie in da 'hood, Sara on da couch.

Ellie in da ‘hood, Sara on da couch.

It was long overdue, and while I’m pretty sure we both could’ve gone on for hours, I had a bed to get to and she had a bum to defrost.

Still, and I’m not sure if this has come across just yet via our posts, but if there’s one thing I know for sure this experience will give us both, it’s a lifelong friendship.

Whaddaya think?