Easy, breezy, beautiful coverlines

As mentioned, one of my favorite parts of the job is getting to participate in the weekly meeting to decide the coverlines with the top editors. After a bunch of us submit suggestions on press day, they’re all combined (anonymously) in one document for us to gander at and choose the best. Last Sunday marked the first time that one of my suggestions landed THE coveted spot:


My first coverline: Style Child Cara Delevingne (How ’bout them brows?)

I will admit, I don’t think it’s my finest work. But it was appropriate for this issue being that the cover star was Cara Delevingne, a UK model who is both a) a child (at just 20) and b) gracing the annual Style Issue.

THIS week’s cover, however, is both cheeky AND a play on words, which is something us tabloid editors are big on. Most of you back home won’t know the celeb, but her name is Kelly Brook and, well, she’s been through a lot, hence…. One Tough Brookie.


My second coverline: One Tough Brookie Kelly Brook (How ’bout that bust?)

Excuse me for boasting — Hey, without bylines, us editors deserve some “Look what I did, Ma!” moments — but I also suggested Lights, Camera, BEAUTIFUL! to “sell” (aka promote/plug) our beauty and fashion coverage on red carpet looks pegged for tonight’s Oscars, which I sadly won’t get to watch.

But who cares. I made the cover of Britain’s most-read weekly supplement. Well, I sorta did.

4 thoughts on “Easy, breezy, beautiful coverlines

  1. Your articles are a joy to read and follow. You my dear, deserve to be on the cover.
    Both pretty and talented!

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