Snow days

The snow came. Oh and then it continued coming, and then came some more.
It came so much that it stopped my boyfriend coming. For a day or so. So snow and I weren’t friends at first. But when I got confirmation that Mark’s flight was incoming, I decided to build bridges with the snow. Soggy, unstable, mushy bridges, but bridges nonetheless.

Mom Lieberman was right when she tried to calm me by saying that snow in NY is fun. It IS fun! Particularly when you’re not commuting in from the ‘burbs and when your commute is a 5 minute traipse along well-salted sidewalks.

The night Mark was delayed, my friend Sheila took me to Soho House for a nightcap. On the way out, circa 1am, I saw something I’ve never seen before – horizontal snow. This stuff didn’t feel as if it were falling from the skies, it felt as if it were being blown from an enormous leaf blower stationed on the side of the road. It was so shocking to see that Sheila (who’s from London too) and I cackled as we tried to breathe in the face of the powder.

Cabs were going nowhere and charging a fortune for doing so, so we decided to get down with the snow by making a man, right outside the House. Ok, we didn’t make a man, but we posed with someone else’s man and in so doing, made the man our man.


Later in the week I shivered my way around Central Park, half expecting to find Macaulay Culkin running away from baddies.



I also learnt that even cool girls over here wear really uncool snow boots. Cool.

So, snow’s not so bad – one thing London really could learn from NYC.

2 thoughts on “Snow days

  1. You go girl! So glad you enjoyed it afterall! But then, how about those puddles at every corner? That’s why we don’t care what kind of snow/rain boots we wear – it’s more about keeping dry/warm and getting where we need to go!

  2. Kiiiiiiiiind of hoping the snow is gone by the time I get there in April.
    BTW I’m a Smash Addict now. I blame you entirely. 🙂

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