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So today I went to Portobello Market in Notting Hill. It’s a tad touristy for my taste, but it was a vouched-for “must-do” from many-a-local, so I made my way over to West London (via bus and train) to do what I do best: meander and shop. It was a cloudy day, but that didn’t stop the the crowds from coming down to ogle and sift through trinkets from decades past. There were old cameras and maps, tea sets and furs — honestly, just about any ole doodad you can think of.

It didn’t take long before I managed to make my way down a side street, away from the crowds, where I happened upon a super chic boutique whose “sale” items included a pair of boots marked down to 197-pounds — from 655. (I’m still thinking about them, btw.) Right. So while there, I noticed a crochet top that looked EXACTLY like the one my tech-savvy Grandma — who I know (hope?!) is reading this, cause she be cool like that — gave me just this past summer.

I got mine for free!

The “Grandma Top”

They are selling it for 255 pounds — that’s about $400!!!! What a deal I got! Not only was it FREE, but it came with LOVE from Grandma Shirley!

The funny thing is, this isn’t the first time this has happened. Just this past summer, while shopping in NoLiTa with a friend, I found a white resin cuff that she had given me a while back. (Whenever I go over to Grandma’s, I leave with something new. It’s sorta awesome. Except when my sister goes, “How come I never find anything when I go????” And then I feel bad. But odds are, if she saw it first, she’d probably not want it. Sorry, sis! You know them’s how it is!) Anyway, that bracelet was going for something silly, like $350!

At the market, they also had a booth with tons of vintage handbags. And oh boy, the collection I have of those! Including the one made out of old telephone cords.


It’s an oddball that I thought for sure was a one-of-a-kind, but guess it was super-chic way-back-when to wear wires cause I saw a similar one today — going for 118 pounds!!!!!

Well, now I know that if I ever get down and out…

Ah, but I kid. Sentimental value trumps the Benjamins. (No matter how handsome they may be.) That’s the thing about seeing this old stuff hawked for so much money at vintage and modern boutiques alike. Sure, it feels great to know I have an original that I didn’t pay a dime for, but to me, they have no monetary value. Just Grandma Value. And that’s worth so much more.

Not brownstones, but green (and orange) stones.

Not brownstones, but green (and orange) stones.


Old school sport!




Tea time


Kettle to the wall.


Indeed you did. How clever.

And I'm home!

And I’m home!

6 thoughts on “Grandma chic

  1. great post! I will make sure grandma reads it!

    Claudia Lieberman Educational Director The Jewish Learning Center at Congregation Bnai Sholom-Beth David 100 Hempstead Ave. Rockville Centre, NY 11570 516 764-8381

  2. Are you kidding? She is the QUEEN of garage sales! Only problem is, we usually go through all the good stuff before! 😉 x

    • I am a garage sale addict. One of my fav things in the world. Jen cut her teeth on them growing up. Rachel not so much. Did my whole house practically with the best finds. I need to meet your Grandma:)

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