The flight’s cancelled


The Art Director was due to fly out Friday night but then Snowmageddon struck. Planes cancelled across the eastern seaboard (slight exaggeration).


Apparently Central Park looks pretty in the snow. So if you see a cross little Brit stomping around the white stuff in Strawberry Fields tomorrow, stop and say hi. That’ll be me.

4 thoughts on “The flight’s cancelled

  1. I loved NY in the snow. Everyone trucks around on skis! And in Central Park they have Snow Sunday (or at least it did when I was there). Lots of sledging 🙂 New Yorkers also have a fabulous array of moon boots. A particular fave was a Chanel pair draped in gold chains. Hope the Boy makes it over, darls xx

  2. I’m SO sorry El. But NYC really is pretty in the snow. One of my favorite NYC memories is when my sister and I came back to the city early evening after visiting my parents in Long Island. It had snowed all day and was still going strong. We just walked around the streets of the West Village and dropped into spots to warm up with booze (Wilfie and Nell, actually!) and everyone in the city was just united and walking in the streets and tossing snowballs. Since it’s the weekend, you can really enjoy it. Either by curling up inside and watching it fall, or heading out and being a part of it. Will be thinking of you. Take pics! xx

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