Midday in Paris…a movie moment

So I am in Paris! Arrived early this morning and wasn’t here three hours before I purchased two pairs of shoes. J’adore.

Then I made my way to the Notre Dame from Saint-Germaine where I’m staying and took this photo:

20130202-041131 PM.jpg
After deciding not to go up and look for the hunchback (there was a 40 minute line) I walked around it and ogled at every crevice and stained-glass window in complete awe. Then I made my way toward the Siene. The smile on my face was wider than its crossing and could not be ignored. I walked down a few steps, closer to its edge where a cute French guy sitting with his legs dangling over the river. He saw me with my camera and asked if I’d like my picture taken. (At least I think that’s what he asked!) I politely declined and kept walking, my smiling growing with every step. Eventually, I got to the bridge just above the river and stopped in the middle to catch one last glimpse of the Notre Dame. I could see the guy still sitting there and he saw me too. Then, as if it were a scene out of a Woody Allen film, the accordion playing in the background, he waved. I waved back. I smiled. Pretty sure he did too, though it was too far to tell. He waved again, then motioned for me to come back. How silly, I thought! But that moment. THAT MOMENT! Unforgettable and worth every single second of being alone on a journey, which I so often am.

Then I went and saw this:

20130202-043700 PM.jpg
Am now back at my hotel waiting for Amelie. We were meant to meet at “the only pharmacie near gare de montparnasse,” but there is not only one pharmacie near gare de montparnasse. So now, Plan B.

Still smiling in the city of lights…camera, action.

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