Chicago Town

I’m in Chicago. And it’s freezing. Obviously. Everyone told me I shouldn’t go to the Windy City until at least May because it’s so windy and so cold that it’d be miserable (apparently there are subterranean walkways to protect residents from the elements). Oh no, I said, I’ll be fine. The advance weather forecast predicted temperatures of -2C. Easy. But the weather forecast lied. It’s -6C, there are metre-hugh snowdrifts everywhere the snow scrapers haven’t reached and I’ve still got one hole in my glove, another one coming and no hat.


The good news, however, is that for this wide-eyed traveller, the sight of a new city makes cold manageable. And anyway, I only have 43 hours, I’ve got to do this thing.

So having just touched down, I’m headed for the Arts Institute, followed by Millennium Park, Michigan Avenue, lunch at xoco, Navy Pier, Giordano’s and finally, the Signature Room.

Any other tips?

Ps This morning I got from my flat in Midtown, through security and to my gate in 25 minutes, TWENTY-FIVE MINUTES. Heathrow, go ahead and think on that.


Whaddaya think?