Life is a musical

I’m in a Glee choir, I live in the the Theater District, I work with Michael Riedel. It was only a matter of time before I discovered Smash, a TV show based on the adventures of Broadway.


I watched 7 back to back last night. Which is sad – I’ve been an NYC resident for 2 weeks and 4 days and I’m already staying in to watch NBC.

I am going on an adventure, though. Not to Miami – the flights were v spenny indeed. Instead, I’m off to Chicago, an even colder city than this one. I’ve got tickets to Second City and a Fastpass up the Willis Tower. It’ll almost be worth the 6am Red Eye.

4 thoughts on “Life is a musical

  1. It’s good! I’m sad to miss the new season as they’ve made lots of storyline and cast changes. (With the exception of dropping Mr. Riedel, thankfully, who will no doubt LOVE his mention on our blog, along with any chance to discuss his “role.” 😉 Also, my sister works for NBC and produced the photos for the new season. Have fun in Chi-town!

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