And IIIIIII just want to thank you…

for giving me the best day, of my life. Oooohhhhh, just to be with you, is having the best day of my life.”

I sang those lyrics incessantly during my month in Ubud, Bali nearly 12 years ago. I played Dido’s first album, No Angel, over and over again on my discman (!), which I lugged around with me during my 6-month backpacking jaunt through Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

For me, “you” was always Bali. And those were the best days of my life… until now.

It was quite apropos, then, that I got to go and see Dido herself perform live at a very intimate venue in super-swanky Mayfair last night. I almost didn’t go as I’ve been fighting a cold for the past week, but am so glad I did. Before a small crowd of no more than 100, in the lower-level of the posh Arts Club, the now 41-year-old singer quietly debuted songs from her new album. It brought me back. Way back.

I wrote about it for the Fabulous blog, so check it out here.

And thank YOU for keeping up with us on NGAT. I really am having some of the “best days of my life” and I’m glad there’s an outlet for sharing them with you. If only my four handwritten journals from those days could see me now.

4 thoughts on “And IIIIIII just want to thank you…

  1. my days in Ubud were also some of the best days of my life. I miss Bali so much!
    what a great blog by the way! so glad I found it, I’ll be coming back 🙂

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