CTG has gone MIA

I struggled with whether or not to blog about this, but since everyone keeps asking…

Know this, though: I’m 75% writing this for you, 20% writing this for all single girls out there, and 5% writing this as a form of venting. Truly.

So yeah. MIA and I can’t explain it. (No, I will not rehash the step-by-step incidents that led up to his radio silence so that you can offer your own theories.) I’ve been pondering it way more than I care to admit, and the thing is, it’s just…inexplainable.

But you see, that’s the thing. I don’t need a whole who/what/when/where/why. (This coming from a journalist!) My issue is, why not give a girl the head’s up? What’s with the disappearing act?

To quote my sister:

FYI. We don’t give a shit that you don’t like us, just let us know.

Even if it’s just a text to tell me you didn’t go for a run and fall in a ditch somewhere. (Cause, actually, that thought has crossed my mind. That, or his phone broke. Or my phone broke. Or he’s out of town. Or…or…) And I really don’t think this is me being a Delusional Single Girl. All signs pointed to him being into me, and vice versa. I mean, the staff at work declared him my boyfriend. (A whopper of a topic for another time: How going on three dates with one guy means You + Him = Couple. MENTAL!)

Was CTG just afraid of hurting my feelings? After three dates, I don’t know any woman who’d prefer MIA to Honesty.

At the end of the day, I’m not devastated. A little disappointed, yes. But I had a wee-of-a-whirlwind romance just days after arriving, so the way I see it, it was a Win. It’s just too bad he didn’t live up to be the proper Englishman he seemed to be. Turns out, British men may not be much different from American men after all.

Tally-ho, then!

4 thoughts on “CTG has gone MIA

  1. Wow that’s sad that the Englishman did the dip. I am sure you are better off because of it, but like you said it would be nice to at least be told instead of leaving you guessing

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