It’s bikini weather!

I’m a Brit, so I thought I’d write another blog about the weather because we love nothing more than the weather. The ups, the downs, the disappointments, the surprises, the drama, Michael Fish.


It’s been fricking freezing since I arrived in New York. So cold that more than one New Yorker has apologised to me. As if the city ought to have been more accommodating to this newcomer. Despite the blue skies and sunshine – joy after the Tupperware lid skies of a London winter – I have found myself gazing in envy at the Bergdorf Blondes in their enormous furs. I scuttle home, blowing on my fingers in their fraying mittens to Google ‘ethical fur New York’ before heading to Prince Street to fondle $600 duckdown and rabbit hats in Moncler.


But the cold shopping war is over! It’s practically spring! Check out the forecast for today – 13C – a full 24C increase on last week. Weather win! To celebrate I’m heading to Miami for the weekend. It’s bikini weather.


One thought on “It’s bikini weather!

  1. PS. Have you been surprised to see all the fur around town? It’s HUGE this year. I’ve been told it’s a big no-no here in London, though. Too bad it’s so warm and fuzzy…and pretty. 🙂

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