Christmas tax

Isn’t it bad luck to leave your Christmas decorations up after Twelfth Night? If so, there are a lot of people tempting fate all over New York City right now. (Incidentally, the bottom example of seasonal slobbery is on Sara, the New Yorker’s apartment block. I wasn’t hanging around her block wishing she were here and we could hang together outside her block, honest. I was helping my old uni friend Sheila move in. She’s subletting Sara’s flat while she’s away after being introduced by me. And so our lives overlap further).




2 thoughts on “Christmas tax

  1. What do you mean you weren’t hanging around my block wishing I were there????!! (sniff, sniff) 😉

  2. We always call the neighbors who leave their Xmas trees and decorations up well into January the alcoholics of the neighborhood. Ski towns are the exception.

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