Nailed it?

So it’s 6pm here in London and about two hours ago I was invited to attend the oh-so-posh National Television Awards with the top editors! I knew I had an LBD to wear, but my nails were atrocious. I had successfully peeled off my gel, but they were now bare and long and gross. Then I remembered these sticky things I bought from the Post beauty sale before I left. When I went home to change (luckily right around the corner!) I grabbed my LBD, my leopard Michael Kors heels, a Nars red “lippy” as they call it here, and the press-ons. Ran back to the office and tried to stick ’em on:

20130123-054852 PM.jpg

Now I’m off to gawk at stars I’ve never heard of. Gosh I hope Mr. Bates is there!

20130123-060535 PM.jpg

9 thoughts on “Nailed it?

  1. we are impressed that you actually packed the stick on nails in your luggage and knew where they were.

  2. Thanks, Steph! And Mom, I SAW LORD GRANTHAM! Sadly, Mr. Crawley wasn’t there. Sniff, sniff. Post on the whole eve to come soon!

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