And I’m SO London…

While Ellie was eating her model-like protein lunch, I ordered this for dinner tonight:

20130122-093455 PM.jpg

It’s chicken and crawfish pie, filled with creamy peas and shrooms and covered in a buttery, toasty pie crust. Yum. Thank GOD I went to yoga before. Still, there were leftovers (Sorry, Grandma!):

20130122-093642 PM.jpg

Best thing about the whole meal (at Albion in hip Shoreditch, for those curious) is that when I walked in at quarter to 9, and there was a queue (!), as soon as I told them it was just me, they whisked me off to a section of tables that seat only one person! And comfortably, I might add. (Also, not staring at a wall.) To boot, there were several other solo diners doing their thing, too. These weren’t tables-for-two that can obviously be for one just by removing a setting and a chair. Rather there was a row of tables where there aren’t any chairs opposite! One glass. One setting. One menu. No, “Will you be expecting someone?” How unabashedly smart and comforting. (Not that I’m really one to be ashamed of eating alone, but sometimes it’s a bit awk…)

Anyway, dinner was delish (albeit a bit £) and I was able to dine “alone together” with others like me.

Now, for those just *dying* to know how Date No. 2 went with CTG, you’re outta luck as I’m not gonna spill much on here. (This isn’t a dating blog, people!) BUT I will say that I was taken “for a proper stroll” along the Thames, during which I saw this Big guy for the first time since arriving:

20130122-094528 PM.jpg

It was a lovely eve.

5 thoughts on “And I’m SO London…

  1. One-person tables is a brilliant idea, why don’t we have those here? Would be nice to go to a restaurant with a book and not have to be like yes it’s JUST ME OKAY?

  2. LOVE the Albion. LOVE. Though they do charge, like, 5 smackers for a MASSIVE bowl of mushy peas to go with your fish and chips when you only want a teeny splodge. (I’ve told them about this bugbear already FYI, yup, bet they love seeing me come in of an eve).

  3. I also bought a piece of one of their amazing pies to take home, and the proceeded to get SO lost after taking the overground to Wapping (for the first time; have been mostly coming/going to/from Tower Hill) that it practically froze before I got to eat it. Sad.

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