Press Day

So, press day in the US is the same as press day in the UK. A bit mad: I left the office (pic below) at 9.45pm last night. But I have noticed some differences.

First, because it’s a newspaper supplement, it goes to press the day before it’s on-sale (Fabulous goes to press a week and 4 days before going on-sale).

Second, the editors here seem to take on the role of Chief Sub here in some ways.

I’ll explain. The Copy (ie Subs) desk see the copy once I’ve edited it and then again when it’s on page. But the difference is that they just write their marks on the page and leave you, as the editor to take them in on the InDesign layout as well as cutting the words to fit. Yikes. My InDesign skills are rudimentary to say the least.

It’s interesting though: the Subs/Editors line is very clearly drawn at home and I’d imagine my Chief Sub and Art Director at Fabulous would have a fit if I started going into InDesign docs and fiddling around with copy on layouts.

I’m a bit giddy with the power though. Here, cuts are made by editors rather than sub-editors, which makes sense in many ways: the editor edits a feature all the way through the process, rather than handing it over halfway through and hoping that the Sub who picks it up shares your vision for a feature that you may have worked on for weeks.

Plus I’m already 1000% better at InDesign already. I got skillz.

Anyway, I’m off to Williamsburg now for brunch at Cafe Colette. There’s no time to waste: the paper’s been sent to press, I’ve got maple syrup and pancakes to guzzle.


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