Snow day!

I feel real bad that Ellie’s had such a rough start. If she’s like me, though (and I think we may be alike in this regard), she’s probably half-loving the thrill and rush of it all and half-hating…well, me. If it’s any consolation friend, I’ve had to wear these today as “The Big Freeze Grips Britain”:

20130118-111837 AM.jpg

Brrrrrr. Time for wellies.

I can’t tell if it’s really going to be that bad or if this just never happens here, and so they are therefore going into crisis mode.



Too soon to tell, I guess.

By the time I finish reading all the day’s papers in two hours (seriously, there are SO many, and it takes me that much longer cause EVERYTHING is new to me) maybe we’ll know more. PS. I’ve spared you the photo of The Sun’s Page 3, which always — well, except for Saturday and Sunday because those are “family days” — features a photo of a girl naked from the waist up. Perky boobs and all. (Sorry, boys!)


So many papers for such a curious New Yorker!

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