Day 1/ Day 2


Woah there. I thought this trip was meant to be all about me catching up with old mates in New York’s hottest bars and eateries. Maybe a few weekends away to Chicago or New Orleans! But no, somehow I’ve ended up working really, really hard. I’m still in the office now and it’s 9.41pm and it’s not even press night. Who do I complain to??

But putting my professional hat back on for a second, I’ve learnt about 10million new things in just two days working at the coalface of US newspapers.

Lesson 1: Americans work hard. They don’t stop. They don’t do lunch and they don’t do evenings. (Slight exaggeration though I actually haven’t seen anyone eat anything). And it’s not just in this office. My friend Janale, a British podiatrist who has lived here for 4 years, described Stateside workers as ‘soldiers’. Scary stuff. But kinda wow too.

Lesson 2: They do journalism differently to us. The way they process copy is different, the way they
pick pictures is different, they even have a different punctuation mark called an em dash! It’s a brave new world!

Lesson 3: They can multitask. They’re fit and have cool social lives and yet they barely leave the office. What black magic is this??

Anyway, needless to say my head is fried. My boss is off sick with the scary New York flu (everyone’s terrified of the NY flu – I learnt that too), so it’s been more manic than it would usually be but yup, I am grateful for a 3 day week this week.

In other news my flat is in a Pinch Me Awesome location 5 mins walk from my office on Sixth Avenue, so at least I only have a 300 second commute – take that Circle Line!

So please forgive me if I don’t post here as much as I had hoped I would. I’ve got a paper to put out people.

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  1. Introduce them to the European way of working Els – trade unions, long lunches and free healthcare!

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