In like a lioness…

My mom took pictures of me and my sister on the first day of school every year. (I think she sorta gave up by the time my brother came along, not that he knew any different.) So it felt appropriate that I document my “first day” outfit. Here it is, taken in the office bathroom as I don’t have a long mirror in my flat. (The horror!):


“Jumper” from TopShop (London), skirt from Tracey Reese (NYC) and booties from Zara

Honestly, I wasn’t sure about it at first. I thought maybe the whole animal-print thing would be a bit too…showy — especially with a bold, mod skirt. But when my sister responded to my pic with a “LOVE!”, I knew it must be OK. She’s much more conservative than I am. In fact, I thought for sure she’d think it was a bit “much.” But seems we’ve learned to appreciate each other’s taste differences through the years. (Key for avoiding hair-pulling and size-stealing while shopping together at sample sales.) I just hope I didn’t scare away my new colleagues.

Speaking of, now onto the important stuff: The actual job. I love it! (And I’m not just saying that because I know my new boss may be reading this.) But truly, I felt so welcomed by the lovely team at Fabulous. I’m still learning names and the overal edit process, but I got right down to it and marked up some copy for the Feb. 10 issue. I also attended a “conference” (aka meeting) to discuss a future issue, during which they might as well have been speaking Italian. Sure, I know New Direction and the Saturdays. But the names being tossed out for possible cover candidates were total nobodies to me. I wanted to chime in so bad as I always do at editorial meetings, but just didn’t have anything to offer aside from, “I loved Amy Adams in Ella Enchanted, too.” (Seriously. That was my addition. Oy.) Oh and that Jessica Chastain’s character in Zero Dark Thirty and Clarie Daines’ character in Homeland are both loosely based on the same real-life CIA woman. That wasn’t bad, I suppose.

The best was the discussion of “Speidi.” True American d’oh moment. See, Spencer and Heidi (yes, that Spencer and Heidi) are currently competing on Big Brother. And because they’re “playing” as one cast member, they’re known as “Speidi.” (You gotta admit that’s sorta amaze on so many levels.) But at the time, I thought the staff was just using the term as an odd British euphemism I wasn’t familiar with. They’re “Spidey.” I kept thinking Spider Man. Seriously. (Maybe it was the accent?) Hours later I was like, “Ohhhhh. It’s just another Bennifer or Kimye.”

Moooooving on.

The office atmosphere itself is chill, but vibrant. I loved the fact that music plays all day. From my favorite KOL to Gotye and the Chili Peppers — they were my kind of jams and I felt at home.

I went downstairs for lunch at Pret, which I brought back upstairs to eat at my desk. (That’s something I’m familiar with!) Meanwhile, the Pret sammie selection is way more varied and delicious. I had sorta-egg-salad (not mashed, but sliced hard-boiled egg) with cheese, avocado and greens on multi-grain.

I left around 6:45. Going forward, Wednesday’s might be way later, which I’m used to (on Friday’s). But coming up with coverlines and preening over proofs gets my juices flowing.

I felt a little funny coming straight home after work to put on PJs. I just never did that at home. I suppose it’s only my third night, though, and I’m still adjusting to the time difference and a head cold. Plus, I have to say, it felt sort of proper to be wrapped in my new throw, mesmerized by Africa on the BBC. (Thanks to my new colleagues Beth, Sinead and Laura for the tip!)

So there you have it. In like a lioness, out feeling like mushy, comfy lamb.


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5 thoughts on “In like a lioness…

  1. Ok, here’s my response (as requested) – LOVE the blog!! Yes, I have pictures of your brother’s first days as well yours and Rachael’s. My regret is that I never organized ANY of them and they are a big bundle of random mixed -up pics :(, sorry to say.

    Your outfit? Very you – already in a NEW sweater (jumper) even after all that packing?

    And I told Jared about the ‘Africa’ series too when I read about it in the newspaper (and am taping it myself)!

    You sound wonderful and that’s the best part of this whole exchange!

  2. I believe I was in and have half of those “first day of school” pics. I am also pretty sure one of us had a huge animal face on one of our shirts (It was also probably neon and over the shoulder). Love you and enjoy!

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