Pack it up, pack it in, let it begin…

I packed two months ago, which makes me sound odd and overexcitable but was actually me trying to be practical. But living out of a suitcase for 8 weeks isn’t practical, it’s actually just depressing and when all the good stuff has tumbled to the bottom, not so good for any efforts to appear like a stylish, cosmopolitan lady about to move to En Why Cee.

Plus it turned out anyway that I needed more than my one suitcase. I spent my last morning in London putting things in and then taking things out, then in then out, then in, then out of my suitcase to try to stick to the 23kg limit, in the end giving up and sticking approximately 100 pairs of pants in a second case, along with 13 white long-sleeved tee shirts and a trio of Apple gadgets.

This morning I also learnt that Tabloid Love by Bridget Harrison weighs 0.5 kg and New York Diaries 0.4kg, meaning that both were abandoned for Summer Crossing by Truman Capote, at only 0.1kg.

Along with one book (and a Kindle) I packed:

1 hot water bottle
1 Slanket
*In an effort not to be SUCH an old lady, I left a tapestry kit I got for Christmas at home. This followed advice from Mark that: ‘No one moves to New York to do needlework.’
1 yoga mat and yoga socks
1 copy of the following: Wallpaper, Page Six Magazine, Pulse, The Week, Easy Living, Oprah, Fabulous, Style, The Sunday Times magazine, Vogue, Wired, Good Housekeeping and ES (probably accounting for 12kg of the total)
1 running kit
3 blazers
3 scarves
9 pairs of shoes (I see that this is shameful)
One box of Twinings Earl Grey
1 lavender-scented eyemask
1 Jo Malone Rose candle (I read magazines and magazines say that all you need is a candle to make a home).
1 boyfriend teeshirt

And now I’m on the plane with my magazines and mats and eyemasks and it’s happening. The ball of anxiety has gone and instead I’m looking ahead. I smiled so hard as we took off that I actually laughed. I’m going to work on The New York Post!



2 thoughts on “Pack it up, pack it in, let it begin…

  1. First, I can’t believe you were only going to bring ONE bag!!!! Second, I also brought one book and a Kindle! (Actually, I accidentally left the e-reader behind. But at least I have “The Happiness Project” to get me through for a bit. Also, brought exactly 9 pairs of shoes. Originally had 11 (!!) but a friend smartened me up. And so smart on the candle. Oh, and yoga socks? You don’t practice barefooted?

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