Day 2: Observations and other musings

Going to keep this one somewhat short and just list a bunch of things I learned on my second, full day in London Town. Here goes:

  • There’s a Pret on nearly every corner. It reminds me of home, which is funny because it’s a UK chain.
  • There aren’t many “rubbish” bins on the street, which I noticed rather quickly by carrying around my empty flat white cup for several blocks. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t find one. (I hung on to mine, though!)

Where are all the rubbish bins?

  • A lot of the street names here end in “gate” or “itch” (Algate, Houndsditch, etc.), which to me is just so perfectly British. It also reminds me of my grandfather who used to say “Sew hemstich” every time we’d say, “Soooooo” when we were little. None of us knew what he meant, which he probably loved.
  • Nothing really great is on sale. I guess this is true anywhere. Earlier today I happened upon a really, really sweet home decor shop in Shoreditch. Inside, I found the most amazing throw for a lot of money. Money I would normally only spend on a handbag, and even then I’d walk out shaking in my booties. Of course, there was a similar one on sale, but the colors weren’t right. After telling my mom that my flat felt, well, flat; devoid of any color or personality, she sent me an email that said:

Thinking if you need/want cozy linen and you should find something you like — you can always bring it back and have it remind you of London when you are back in NY!

So thanks, Mom, for giving me your blessing to splurge. It felt better handing over my credit card knowing you’d approve. Plus, how perfectly “London” is this throw?! And it’s “local” — made in Scotland!

Oddly enough, this grey throw totally brightens up my bed!

Oddly enough, this grey throw totally brightens up my bed!

  • The British think our accent is as cool as we think theirs is. After the cashier at TopShop asked, “Are you American or Canadian?” she then told me how much she looooooves “the way we talk.” Now I get how silly it must sound coming from us!
  • I can fit in. While minding many gaps on and off the tube today, someone stopped and asked me for directions! I couldn’t really help him, but took a lot of pride in “looking the part” and being able to find my way home — oyster card, transfers and all! — on my own.

OK, that’s it from me. I’ve got a BIG day tomorrow. Plus, Notting Hill is on. (No joke.) I can honestly say I’ve never been this excited to start a new job! Gotta go over the “first day” outfit…again. I’ll leave you with a few other photos from the day.

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