4 Awesome things

Ellie and I Skyped for an hour this morning to go over last minute details. (Four more days!) We are going to do a joint post on PACKING before we each leave on Sunday, but in the meantime, here are four awesome things I discovered from our chat:

  1. There is a nail salon AND a dry cleaning service offered in the building at work.
  2. There is also a supermarket “super” close to my “flat,” which means I can continue to make BFS’s (Boring F—ing Salads or Sandwiches) for lunch to save money and calories.
  3. Ellie and I are going to swap hairdryers rather than each of us having to buy new ones, which we’d need to do lest we blow fuses and possibly set things on fire.
  4. Outside my flat, there are FREE bikes for the borrowing! (Just gotta bring — or get — my own helmet!)

And here’s one annoying thing:

  1. While free, Skype sorta sucks. What’s with all the delays and frozen pictures? It seemed everything I gave a giggle or an “uh huh” to she heard like 10 seconds later. Anyone know a solution? #WTF

2 thoughts on “4 Awesome things

  1. 1. The bicycle-hire system in London is great; I’ve used it several times, but always without a helmet – that is a good idea!
    2. Try video-chatting through your gmail interface (though it probably won’t be better since the crippling factor is likely the internet speed/data connection somewhere along the line)

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